diego's assistants

Though these artists worked as assistants, we only have records of Thelma Johnson Streat, Emmy Lou Packard, and Arthur Niendorff actually painting small areas Diego didn't personally paint.

Emmy Lou Packard, 1914-1998; California; painter [Primary assistant. Our Collection has copies of her papers.]
Click here to view the Emmy Lou Packard Papers, 1900-1980, at the Archives of American Art.

Mona Hofmann, 1910-1971; California; painter [She helped Rivera at Bellas Artes in 1934. Our Collection has her papers.]

Irene De Bohus, 1913-; American; painter [Originally slated to be primary assistant.]

Arthur Starr Niendorff, 1909-1976; Texas; plasterer, painter [Technical assistant]

Peter Lowe, 1913-1989; Chinese; painter

Thelma Johnson Streat, 1912-1959; African-American; painter [Left project to have show at LA's Stendahl Gallery with Rivera's help.]

Miné Okubo, 1912-2001; Japanese-American; painter [Worked demonstrating fresco technique. See https://diva.sfsu.edu/bundles/187038 at  2:12-2:30]

Matthew Barnes, 1880-1951; Scottish; painter [Primary plasterer until late in project.]

Paul Holmes Coates, 1911-1972; California; pigment grinder

Edna Wolff, 1907-2001; Chicago; painter

Wayne Lammers, n.d.; 1916-1996, San Francisco, artist

Milo Anderson, n.d.; plasterer

Ely de Vescovi/Bettina Whitman, 1910-1998, painter [Inventor of Butanol/water  spray to keep fresco wet longer. Left project early.]

Una McCann Wilkinson, 1913-2013, Redwood City, CA, painter

James E Cummings, 1915-1945, California, painter [Died in plane crash in Burma at end of WWII.]

Mona Hofmann, Photo by Arthur Niendorff

Mona’s daughter Lynn is the seven-year-old girl sitting on the floor painting on mural right. Photographer unknown.

Irene Bohus, WPA Photo.

Arthur Starr Niendorff, WPA Photo.

Thelma Johnson Streat

Mathew Barnes, Charles Hayes photo for WPA.

Paul Holmes Coates (right) with possibly Peter Lowe on the left. Charles Hayes photo for the WPA.

Wayne Lammers spraying a concoction of 50% Butanol, 50% Water, which retarded the drying time of the plaster to 18 hours. WPA Photo.

Diego Rivera and Emmy Lou Packard, then 13, when she met him in Mexico City, 1927.