Agreement between Rivera and Pflueger (April 15, 1940)

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Mexico City
April 15th 1940

It is hereby mutually agreed by the undersigned as follows:

Diego Rivera agrees to paint a fresco of approximately nine hundred (900) square feet in the Art in Action Section of the Palace of Fine Arts in the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island in San Francisco on panels which will later be removed and installed in San Francisco. The design to be suited to panels of sizes to be agreed upon which will make them suitable for removal to their permanent location. The subject of the work shall be the Art of the Americas as expressed by the machinism of the north fused with the tradition rooted in the soil of the south: the Toltecs, Mayas, Tarasco, Incas etc. or such other subject as may be mutually agreed upon by the undersigned.

Diego Rivera further agrees to stay in San Francisco not less than three months.

The Golden Gate International Exposition agrees to pay Diego Rivera, to cover his expenses for the period of his stay in San Francisco the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per month payable in amounts of five hundred dollars ($500.00) at the end of each half month after arrival in San Francisco, provided however that the period of his stay in San Francisco shall not exceed the duration of the Exposition i.e. from May 25 to Sept 29th 1940.

The Exposition further agrees to pay Diego Rivera the sum of One Thousand ($1000.00) dollars for travelling expenses said amount to be payable not later than May 1st 1940. The Exposition further agrees to furnish at its own expense a satisfactory place in which to work in the Palace of Fine Arts which shall be under the complete control of Diego Rivera and further to furnish all labor and materials required by Diego Rivera in conjunction with the execution of his work.

The Exposition further agrees to furnish Diego Rivera with a studio in San Francisco.

Two copies of this agreement, one marked "Original" the second "Duplicate" have been written in long hand, the original to be retained by T. L. Pflueger for the G.G.I.E. the duplicate by Diego Rivera for himself.

The above is in full accordance with our understanding.

Diego Rivera
April 15th 1940
Timothy L. Pflueger
for Golden Gate International Exposition